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Casino bonuses are incentives offered by casinos online to be more attractive and get more players than their competition. Likewise, bonuses, bonifications and promotions are a way of rewarding the player for being loyal or for choosing a certain casino as his favourite. The objective of the casinos is to attract the largest number of players and keep them, that is why they resort to strategies such as the delivery of bonuses, so the players can feel considerate and continue betting on the website. Bonuses can be formally defined as specific advantages that a player receives that will allow them to save real money at any given time.

Online casinos can give a bonus to all players regardless of their level of experience, whether they are a novice,  experienced or a legendary high roller they can enjoy this bonifications and promotions without trouble. Casino bonus, sometimes, can be obtained very easily, in some cases, the player must only register on the website of the casino chosen. There is also different bonuses depending on what method you use when you deposit, there is for example plenty of nice bonuses for Litecoin deposits. On the other hand, there are bonuses that are awarded to the player for completing certain achievements or tasks established according to the regulations of a promotion. It will depend on the conditions of the casino where the player decides to bet his money that he will get one kind of bonus or the other. However, is very important that the player knows the requirements to apply to the bonus and promotions of the online casino where he is betting. One of the player’s favourite games are live casino because this relives the experience of playing in a real casino, lately, there have been a lot of websites implementing live casino bonus to attract more players at their websites.

Another very important thing to consider when speaking of a casino bonus is how the player could withdraw the money obtained with the bonus. In some cases, the player is not allowed to withdraw the money corresponding to the bonuses obtained. However, some casinos do allow this kind of withdraw by meeting certain conditions, these conditions, generally, consist of playing a certain number of times or betting a certain amount of real money.

The different type of casino bonus:

There is a wide variety of different bonus and promotions offered by online casinos to be attractive to players. In the quest to get a bigger number of players, online casinos strive to update the bonus they offer. Nowadays, almost all casino games have bonuses associated. However, we can resume the type of casino bonus in two main branches: deposit bonus and no deposit bonus. As its name indicates in the first case, players will have to deposit an amount of real money in their account to receive the bonus in question, like the highroller bonus which is awarded to players that invest large sums of money in a particular operator (find more about this bonus at and In contrast, no deposit bonuses do not require any financial income from the player to receive them, therefore they are also known as free bonuses. There are many variations of these which are mentioned below:


50£ Bonus + 50 Extra spins

Welcome Bonuses

These bonuses are generally received by the player when registering for the first time at the online casino or when they make the first deposit in their account, so they could be both with a deposit or no deposit depending on the casino. By simply filling out the registration form on the casino’s website or depositing this bonus could be available. The player will be entitled to this bonus depending on the online casino in which they register and decide to bet their money. Has said before, welcome bonuses can be delivered in two ways: “free income bonuses” or “income bonus under-investment or with percentage increase”. In the first case, the player will get a fixed amount for registering at the online casino. While in the second case the player will get a bonus corresponding to a percentage of the amount initially deposited. In any case, it always pays to read about these types of bonuses on sites like and


These are bonuses that the player will be able to obtain by fulfilling certain goals or conditions established by the casino. They normally vary monthly to maintain the interest of the players already registered on the website. For example, some casino creates promotions according to the time of the year so the player could find incentives for betting on Christmas, Easter, or also at certain date like St’s Patrick Day. Sometimes the promotion applies only to a certain game, is common to see this in the slots machine and you can discover more about this casino feature at

Promotional codes

They are like promotions, but the main difference is that the player needs to use codes to receive this bonus. The way to use them is very simple, the player by entering the code will have access to a reward. Generally, these rewards cannot be withdrawn immediately, but they can be used in other online casino games that belongs to the same website.

Game bonus

These are the typical bonuses that apply to slot machines that work for a specific type of game. Normally, they consist of free games or extra spins in one of the player’s favourite slot. There are many casinos with a lot of online slots bonus waiting for players to enjoy and you can always check sites such as and if you want to know more about the titles that you can find online.

Bonus for playing from mobile

Due to the evolution of technology, players may access online casinos from mobile devices from sites like To encourage the use of mobile applications, online casinos offer bonus if the player access from a tablet or a mobile device regardless of the operating system, depending of course on the online casino in question. With the chance to play in a mobile casino players can make their bets anywhere and anytime.

Know the requirements of each bonus for its proper use

When a player decides to bet real money on the web, even if this is in a new online casino, that decision could affect his budget, it is very important that he knows all the rules and requirements to benefit from the bonus that he could obtain.

Players must read, understand and be clear about the terms and conditions for each promotion, bonus or welcome bonus offered by the online casino. This way the player will know first-hand the amounts and benefits that he will obtain, knowing the conditions of the bonus will help him to understand how much he can get for each of the bonus received and if he can withdraw any part of this.

Online casinos continually modify the bonus and promotions they offer, so it is necessary to continually review the terms, this way the player could always be aware of the conditions governing the obtaining of a new bonus.

The main steps that the player must consider to successfully use any bonus offered by an online casino are the following:

-Verify the maximum amount and the percentage that the bonus offers. The player must compare the amount of the bonus offered by the casinos and register with the one that offers the highest bonus.

-Understand the terms and conditions for the enjoyment of the bonus. The player must understand the conditions governing the bonus to fully enjoy them and maximize his prizes.


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