Live Casino

Although we can define it as a live casino online, the most characteristic term with which this game variant is promoted is like live casino. In this case, we are talking about an online live casino that has particularly achieved its success thanks to the game of Roulette, which in this variant is often called Live Roulette. Although there a version of popular games like Poker and Blackjack, one of the public favorites is the Roulette. These casino games incorporate high definition cameras that can give different takes of the action as the players prefer to watch. Also, they use real dealers to help players feel like they were in a real casino, being able to interact with the dealers and sometimes even with other players, increasing the realism of the experience. Most of the games in Live Casino can be enjoyed in both the computer or mobile devices and in any case, it represents an outstanding leap in quality in the experience that fans of online casino games can enjoy.


50 Freespins on 1st. deposit


50£ Bonus + 50 Extra spins


100% Bonus up to 100£


100% Bonus up to 100£


100% Bonus up to 300£

Among the advantages of the Live Casino games, we highlight those related to technology. Players can see in real time, and with hardly any delay, the live action from a real roulette or table installed in a real casino. This can be done optionally through a full screen, which makes the experience much more powerful. In addition, most of the time the video quality is adjustable according to the speed of the internet connection, being able to play in high resolution when the connection allows it.

As we can read at, playing Live Casino Games has its tactical advantage, for instance in most of the Live Roulette’s version the player can check the statistics and previous results of the hands. Besides, almost all these games allow selecting the graphic environment with which the player is most comfortable. Sometimes, is allowed even to configure the audio options since the dealer can speak and give instructions related to how to play.

Advantages of Live Casino

The good thing about playing Live Casino is that the player can live the experience of a real casino very closely, they have the advantages of being able to play anywhere from the computer or the mobile phone and share through chat with the dealer or other players making this experience the closest thing to visiting a real casino.

For example, in the case of Live Roulette regarding to the feeling of playing, this experience is the closest thing of doing it in person. And when the player sees the launch of the ball and listen to the dealer and is able to see how the games goes in real time, the ghosts that always arise on the online Roulettes regarding if they are safe disappear.

Disadvantages of Live Casino

The worst thing about Live Casinos is that sometimes the plays are quite limited and they tend to be slower than in other online games, for example Roulettes with online casino software go faster and there are no need to wait a stipulated time. In contrast, in Live Roulette the player must wait for the bets of the other players and a stipulated time between each play.