High Roller Bonus

Loyalty and high deposits are recognized and appreciated by most of the online casinos betting. If the player plays continuously and high stakes, he could enjoy some VIP privileges that no one else is eligible for.


50 Freespins on 1st. deposit


50£ Bonus + 50 Extra spins


100% Bonus up to 100£


100% Bonus up to 100£


100% Bonus up to 300£

Large casino gamblers are sometimes stigmatized as well-dressed gamblers who wander around the casino game tables with a lot of chips to spare and an irritating scorn for losses. The reality shows that this color image is mostly a Hollywood creation. A big gambler is usually an experienced player who has learned skills in each game to the point of allowing him to raise the stakes in favor of much higher prizes. Casinos online have created bonuses for big players just for that type of player who seeks the highest risks.

 VIP Programs

It has long become a standard for online casinos to offer VIP programs (also known as loyalty programs). Generally, players can register for these exclusive programs only by invitation, to get one of this the player should accomplished through loyalty and high-risk betting. Generally, players who are not part of a VIP program are only able to see the benefits reaped by members of those programs. Online casinos often emphasize the personal side of being a VIP, with big gamblers receiving VIP treatment from customer service personnel, who take care of their needs and many substantial bonuses.

There are online casinos that offer welcome bonus designed especially for big players: Although it does not always mean a direct entry to the VIP program, it is certainly a good step to receive the desired invitation.

High Risk Bonus

The goal for the online casinos is to get big players that start betting in their websites, for that reason the casinos stablished different types of prizes, such as gifts and casino bonus, that work to strengthen the link between the player and the site. But aside from the giveaways, these big players receive bonus that suit their high-risk betting style. Common bonus for big punters includes special cashbacks and reloads, higher casino loyalty points per bet, faster withdrawal time and higher bet limits, which means bigger prizes to be won.

Most online casino players belong to the casual gambler’s category, who are there to deposit a little bit, have a little fun and then leave. However, there is a small percentage of those who want to bet more and compete for the grand prize.

This latter group is usually referred to as big bettors and online casinos around the world treat them with special care. One of the ways they do this is by awarding bonuses for big players, carefully woven to customers who are not afraid of big bets and chase glory.

Most online casino bonus work in a similar way. A player deposits a certain amount and the casino matches the amount with a certain percentage, this also applies for big players.

But these bonuses for big punters differ in certain ways, because they are aimed at a specific group of players who have certain expectations. Casinos understand that they must treat their big spenders differently, because they can always go elsewhere and find another casino that will be happy to serve them.

For starters, bonus for high rollers have higher cash values. While a regular bonus can be in the range of € 200, a high roller bonus usually starts at € 500 or so and can go up to € 2000 or more. Big players want big boosts on their balances, because this gives them the opportunity to pursue huge winnings.

In addition, this bonus for large punters usually have lower wagering requirements. While an average bonus has a requirement of 30x – 40x, bonuses for large bettors usually have requirements of only 15x to 20x. This increases the possibility of truly converting the bonus into real money, making it more attractive.

Finally, other restrictions such as maximum bets are much more favorable. Casinos know that big players want to bet big, so it would be counterintuitive to try to restrict them like that.